Classic Concentration

Developer: Softie
Year: 1988, 1999
Genre: Game Show
Platform: DOS, Apple II, Commodore 64, NES

My Rating: 4

Another fairly popular game show (hosted by Trebek at the time) that was published by Sharedata and received two versions for home computers (the second was identical with additional puzzles). It was never my favorite show and it doesn’t really help that this version is faithful.

Two contestants basically play a matching game, which is a fun learning tool for toddlers, and a mind-numbingly boring game for adults. When you match two prizes, those cards get taken off the board, revealing part of a rebus. The first contestant to guess the rebus gets the prizes they won and a chance to win a car by playing yet another matching game, this time sans rebus.

If playing against a friend, this can be mildly entertaining, but against the computer it’s a snooze fest, and annoying when they randomly guess the correct answer despite no way they could do so based on what part of the picture is showing. Most of the time the AI is dumb, but still. To top it off, the graphics are so bad that sometimes even when given the answer it’s hard to tell based on the pictures.

If Julie is the AI, then she just might!

One thought on “Classic Concentration”

  1. Oy. Seems like AI could lead to a lot of comedy there, certainly.

    I swear I never saw this show a single time, and then bizarrely and out of nowhere, when my dad, brother and I were hanging out a week ago, my dad flipped over to GSN to watch this. I came away with the same feeling – I can’t believe this is a show.

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