132. Facets (3.25)

Synopsis: Jadzia Dax performs the Trill zhian’tara ritual, which allows her to meet previous Dax hosts, while Nog applies to Starfleet.

Memory Alpha Summary: Curzon the Creeper

Review: The zhian’tara is an intriguing plot idea. Watching Jadzia interact with all of Dax’s previous hosts is quite fun. The problem was the need to add conflict to an episode where honestly none was needed, at least to this level. We could have spent time exploring each version of Dax instead of thirty seconds of each one prior to seeing Curzon. Or we could have spent a whole episode with Curzon. Instead, we get too little of the former and an underwhelming portrait of Curzon, who comes off less likable than one would expect based on his friendship with Sisko. 

But it really goes off the rails when we find out Curzon was in love with Jadzia. Now I know it should technically not be creepy because Curzon was Dax, and Dax’s love knows no bounds; but Dax was also Curzon, and it’s basically an old man being in love with a teenage girl. Regardless, I just didn’t buy it and didn’t care. The conflict didn’t start until Act III, had no time to build, and the resolution was never in doubt. 

At least we got to see Quark say, “There’s nothing quite like holding a child to your breast, nursing it.”

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