Family Feud

Developer: Softie
Year: 1987
Genre: Game Show
Platform: DOS, Apple II, Coleco Adam, Commodore 64

My Rating: 8

A very simple game show to translate to the computer and they did a very nice job here. You don’t need a whole lot to make this one work: a ton of boards and good sound effects are about all that’s needed. This version succeeds in both ways. One can play the game for days and not see the same category twice and the sound effects when you get an answer right are brief and rewarding. About as good as one can expect from the internal sound board.

My only criticisms of the game are minor. Some of the categories are weak and have way too many answers (see the above example). The fast money round borrows categories used in the regular game, so sometimes the #1 answer isn’t even worth all that much, making it difficult to get to 200. And playing against the computer is a bit unsatisfying as they don’t provide any reasonable wrong answers and seem to steal more often than people do in real life.

I honestly still play this when I’m in the mood for Family Feud. The categories are over thirty years old, so some of them are dated for sure, but it’s quick, easy, and fun. Perfect for a casual game.

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