121. The Covenant (7.09)

Synopsis: Kira is abducted by a cult that worships the Pah-wraiths and is led by their “Master” – Dukat.

Memory Alpha SummaryKool-Aid, oh yeah!

Review: DS9 religious episodes start to all sound the same after a while with the same 101 philosophy orated strongly as if it’s moving stuff.  It ain’t.  But this episode kicks into high gear the moment we discover that the new baby in the Pah Wraith cult is Cardassian.  The rest of the episode is a predictable reimagining of the Jonestown Massacre, but it’s fun to watch Dukat’s ongoing descent into madness.  

Part of me wishes that there had been more to the folks we meet other than mass delusion at the hands of a manipulative preacher, but that would likely take more time than the show had and, frankly, a better actress than Visitor, whose wrestling with her faith is perpetually obnoxious. 

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