107. Honor Among Thieves (6.15)

Synopsis: O’Brien, working undercover for Starfleet Intelligence, infiltrates the Orion Syndicate, the Alpha Quadrant’s main organized crime ring, and befriends the man he will have to betray.

Memory Alpha SummaryPatti Hearst says hi

Review: Two-thirds of a good episode in the “O’Brien Must Suffer” genre, this one sees O’Brien as an undercover operative trying to infiltrate the Orion Syndicate. It’s a joy watching Meaney act his way through this role and unlike “The High Ground” on TNG, this one actually has something to do with the season story arc and matters. 

Unfortunately, things fly off the rails. For starters, the Vorta we meet somehow doesn’t recognize O’Brien, one of the highest ranking officers on freaking Deep Space Nine. One would think that the Vorta would have memorized every dossier on every important Starfleet Officer, so O’Brien fooling them without even so much as a disguise strains credibility. More disappointing, however, was O’Brien fully developing Stockholm Syndrome in a short period of time, even going to the extreme of punching a superior officer. I could see the idealistic Bashir doing something like this, but it goes strongly against the Chief’s character, even if he does have enough empathy to have feelings about an enemy.  

Despite that I did enjoy watching this, and I always appreciate when the enemy is given realistic backgrounds and motivations.  

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