106. Sons of Mogh (4.15)

Synopsis: Worf’s brother Kurn arrives on the station, and asks Worf to kill him. Meanwhile, Klingon ships are detected outside Bajoran space.

Memory Alpha SummaryFratricide!

Review: Tony Todd is always welcome, though I’m not sure I like this version of Kern. He says he’s never asked Worf for anything, which is only true if you forget that he asked Worf to leave the Federation and join him during the Klingon Civil War. But that was just a tiny favor. I also get annoyed now whenever Worf has an out loud struggle with himself about his Klingon identity and his Federation identity. Not that it isn’t realistic. It totally is. I’m just bored with it by now. 

I do like that Worf decided to go ahead and kill his brother. I don’t like that he decides to wipe his brother’s memories, and that we don’t get to see Bashir objecting to it at all (though one assumes he did off-camera a little bit). Again, I get it. It just is pretty unsatisfying, as it’s essentially Worf giving up ever restoring the House of Mogh. Which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to me, as the House of Mogh was dishonored until just four years ago when Gowron restored it. Seems with how often political winds shift on the Klingon home world that it would be possible again. 

Totally dig the start of the Dax/Worf romance. I think it’s a brilliant pairing, and a much better match for Worf than Deanna Troi.

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