105. Behind the Lines (6.04)

Synopsis: When Kira’s resistance cell learns that the Dominion will soon be bringing down the Federation’s minefield, they plot to hinder the enemy’s progress. But matters are complicated when the Female Changeling arrives on Terok Nor and pays Odo a visit. Meanwhile, Captain Sisko is relieved of command of the Defiant while Jadzia commands it on a mission.

Memory Alpha SummaryA Link to the Past

Review: Another episode that for a while feels more like treading water during this Dominion War arc, but it develops a few stories quickly by the end: Danar’s troubling personality; Rom getting caught; but most importantly, Odo joining with the Great Link (which we find out later has major, major implications). His last lines to Kira are chilling, his complete apathy towards the humans and the Federation. And thanks to the excellent acting of Auberjonois, it feels like a realistic progression for Odo’s character to be sucked in by the founders and react this way. 

Still, there’s still something about the pacing here. Perhaps it’s Visitor’s constant emoting that bothers me. Or perhaps it was the array subplot that was all talk and no action, and felt a lot like “Well, we need to mention what’s happening in space, so yeah, there’s this problem and solution we’re going to invent here to make the Federation have a win.”  Just unsatisfying.

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