104. ‘Til Death Do Us Part (7.18)

Synopsis: Sisko agonizes over his vision from the Prophets, telling him not to marry Kasidy; Kai Winn receives a vision foretelling a “guide” who will help her restore Bajor; Ezri and Worf are interrogated by the Breen.

Memory Alpha SummaryThey love me, they love me not

Review: Picks up a little bit after Penumbra, but not much. 

Sisko does the predictable “I’ll obey the prophets…just kidding!” routine.  And watching Dax and Worf get tortured by the Breen also does nothing as it’s mostly off-screen; that they’re being delivered to the Dominion is obvious.  I also hate the arguing between Dax and Worf; Worf reverts back to controlling partner and once again de Boer projects every emotion. The fun part of the episode is Kai Winn being bamboozled by Dukat.  I was hoping she’d eventually get her comeuppance and getting it via Dukat is just a delightful twist. 

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