103. House of Quark (3.03)

Synopsis: After Quark lies about killing a Klingon in his bar, the dead man’s widow abducts Quark to the Klingon homeworld to marry him.

Memory Alpha SummarySitcom plot!

Review: A Klingon episode and a Ferengi episode? I shudder just writing that sentence. But consider me surprised that I didn’t hate this episode, and it’s all because of Armin Shimmerman.

His character grows further (as it has for the past several episodes) as he shows that despite profit and personal gain being his #1 motivator, he does also value respect and loyalty. His confrontation in the Great Hall where he shows his ability as a master manipulator is great. Not only does he save his skin, he does it without running away, which would have possibly made him a marked man and left him unable to resolve his new marriage to a Klingon woman. He takes care of every problem with one speech, and winds up impressing the hell out of the Klingons and his own brother. 

It’s still not a great episode, as it’s more ridiculous than anything, as one would expect. But it’s watchable and there’s a couple genuine moments.

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