License Plates: 40-36

40: Kansas

I’m not against using the state flag as a backdrop to a license plate, but I’d prefer to see more than forty percent of it. The off-center shot of the emblem doesn’t work for me either, and neither does the cornflower blue. I am completely digging the font, though. The state’s name in all caps work perfectly.

39: Massachusetts

Too much red!  Also, this plate tells me nothing about Massachusetts. The spirit of America?  Um, okay.  Good font, though.

38: Vermont

This one was tough for me to rank. One one hand, it’s clean and crisp. I like the white lettering. It’s just the style reminds me of the 1950’s. And, indeed, this design has barely changed since then. One other nitpick: the slogan’s font size is too small and too thin.

37: Alaska

Alaska, like most states, has some beautiful specialty plates. But their standard issue is pretty dull.  It’s very easy to read, but this color combination is garish. And the flag just looks sad.

36: Utah

I like almost everything about this plate. The font for the state’s name kicks ass. The slogan works on multiple levels. But man, the color scheme is not easy on the eyes. Of course, I’ve driven through Utah, and it’s not always easy on the eyes in person.

4 thoughts on “License Plates: 40-36”

  1. Huh. I don’t think I have ever seen the Kansas plate before.

    Also, I think Utah is ranked too high because the artwork looks like a cartoon.

  2. I kinda dig the Kansas one, outside the color. The amount of the flag shown and the non-centering are touches of class that are way more interesting than dropping it in the center.

    I wouldn’t have been so kind to Alaska. That thing is awful.

    I see the Utah plate a lot. It’s not quite as much of an attack on the senses in person, but man, with a different color scheme, it could be pretty great.

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