Best Moments of Cheers: 8, 7

8: Harry the Hat Wins Poker, Thanks to Coach

Episode: Pick a Con, Any Con (1×19)

We’re introduced to Harry Anderson before his Night Court days. He’s the local con-man who does small-time work at the bar before Sam kicks him out. However, Coach has a friend who’s a pretty good con man himself, and the gang decides to use him to win some money back from Harry. Coach is involved, though, so things go terribly wrong…

7. Gary Dies

Episode: Bar Wars V: The Final Judgment (10×07)

Nearly every season there was an episode dedicated to the gang trying to win customers from Gary’s Old-Town Tavern while not getting utterly embarrassed in some friendly (or not-so-friendly contest. My favorite was this one. It’s Halloween, and they’re trying to out-spook each other. Sam goes too far with his final prank, and Gary dies of a heart attack. Sam embarrasses himself repeatedly, convinced that Gary really isn’t dead. He goes so far as to yell at Gary to get out of his coffin and his grave. Back at the bar afterwards, Sam finally comes to grips with what’s happened.

3 thoughts on “Best Moments of Cheers: 8, 7”

  1. Yes, #8 was good. Any episode with Harry in them were.

    I never cared for #7. It’s like if someone tries to pull an April Fools joke on you and you call them on it. Is it really considered falling for it? Sam still thought it was a prank most of the episode.

    Still not as bad as the episode of M*A*S*H where BJ bets Hawkeye he can prank the entire camp. So Hawkeye avoids being pranked the entire episode while everyone else falls victim. He isolates himself at the end of the last day so as not to be pranked.

    Then BJ reveals that eveyone was in on it and Hawkeye was fooled because nobody was actually pranked. Yes, that’s a good one. But how does Hawkeye loose the bet? Stupid.

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