Best Moments of TNG: 34, 33

34. Picard Experiences Temporal Narcosis

Episode: Timescape (6.25)

I’m imagining the writers sitting around a table discussing how Picard should act when he goes into a narcosis and someone jokingly saying, “How about we have him draw a smiley face in the warp core breach?” I’m hoping it was Patrick Stewart’s idea.


33. Geordi Experiences Fake Romulan

Episode: Timescape (6.25)

I really get annoyed by horror/suspense movies that rely on the surprise to scare the viewer. For example, the creepy music followed by the cat jumping out of the cupboard. But there’s a place for surprise, and this is a perfect moment it. There’s no music cue to make us tense before hand. And there’s just enough time for the “Oh shit!” moment to register before it happens. When I first saw this at age twelve, I fell off the couch.

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