Best Moments of TNG: 32, 31

32. Data’s Head Saves the Day

Episode: Disaster (5.05)

This episode has several above-average moments. I nearly included the final scene where the little kids personally thank Picard on the bridge for saving them. But the winner goes to Data, who tells Riker to remove his head and use it to remotely access engineering.


31. Riker Tells Picard Where to Stick It

Episode: Future Imperfect (4.08)

One thing I love about this episode (where Riker wakes up several years in the future with amnesia) is that it’s really hard to determine where the episode is going. Is it all fake? Is it an alternate timeline? The viewer never knows more than Riker, so coming to the same realizations that he does at the same time is quite fun, including this moment, when he’s shown a video of his supposed wife, whom fans will realize was just a hologram. And then he goes on a rampage, ending with his boss. I imagine Frakes adored doing this scene.

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