Best Moments of TNG: 36, 35

36. Seeing Through Geordi’s Eyes

Episode: Heart of Glory (1.20)

When boarding a Talarian freighter in the Neutral Zone, Geordi tests out his visual acuity transmitter so that the bridge crew can see what he sees through his VISOR. In a season short of character development, this scene significantly helps two characters. Geordi, as we get to understand him better, and Picard, who openly displays empathy and acceptance of another crew member. Plus, it looks kind of cool. It’s too bad they never used this device again.

35. All Good Things Come to an End

Episode: All Good Things… (7.25)

I really enjoy the final episode, partly for the fun time travel plot, but also for how well it wraps up the series. Picard, who has kept a rigid professional distance from his crew (with the exception of Beverly) finally breaks down the wall after his harrowing experience where sees a version of his future that he doesn’t like. The final scene, where he joins the senior staff for a game poker, is heartwarming and sincere. I can’t think of a better way to end the series.

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