Best Moments of TNG: 30. 29

30. Non-Verbal Communication

Episode: Allegiance (3.18)

While Picard solving the one-room mystery is fun, and doppelganger Picard that sings drinking songs with his men and seduces Beverly is delightful, the ending is fantastic, where he turns the table on their new friends without saying a word. Then, after that ordeal is over, Crusher turns the tables on Picard as well, without saying a word.


29. Picard Unleashes Fury on Wesley

Episode: The First Duty (5.19)

While Picard was pointlessly mean to Wesley during the first season, and I never really bought their pseudo father/son relationship that developed slowly over the next few seasons, it all sets up this moment really well. Wesley, along with his friends at the Academy, have accidentally killed one of their teammates and are trying to cover it up. Picard uncovers the cover-up and, like a good father, gets him to do the right thing.

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