Best Moments of TNG: 28, 27

28. Barclay’s Holodiction

Episode: Hollow Pursuits (3.21)

They had to have an episode where somebody uses the holodeck for unseemly purposes. They kind of chickened out and brought in a new character without a reputation to sully; thankfully, they wrote the character very well and we were treated to many episodes with Reginald Barclay. Below is the moment he gets caught by Riker and Troi. Priceless.

27. On the Way Back From a Conference

Episode: Timescape (6.25)

Last moment from Timescape, I promise. The teaser is very long (for a teaser), and very worth it. While the time freezing stuff is cool, I just love that these four officers are sharing a moment with their collective guards down, talking like friends instead of officers. It’s a veritable to joy to see and is one of the reasons the show had staying power.

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