Best Moments of TNG: 20, 19

20. Data Wins at Stratagema

Episode: Peak Performance (2.21)

One of a few moments on the list that isn’t a climax. After Crusher unwittingly saves the day again (heh, adults) to survive the Ferengi, Data accepts a rematch with Kolrami after he impossibly loses a game of Stratagema. It’s one of many points of character development for the android, who is beginning to learn how he can positively affect the humans around him.


19. Picard Goes Toe-To-Toe with Tomalak

Episode: The Defector (3.10)

This is probably my favorite Romulan moment ever in Star Trek, as they play a chess match in the Neutral Zone. Some delightful banter between the two captains.

4 thoughts on “Best Moments of TNG: 20, 19”

  1. I like the idea of Stratagema, but it looks more like an action game than a good strategy game, kind of like chess where players don’t have to take turns, and may attack at will.

    1. Agreed; thankfully, the episode doesn’t need to rely on the specifics of the game for the dramatics to work, especially since Data should be able to win both strategy AND action games.

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