Best Moments of TNG: 18, 17

18. Can Data Murder?

Episode: The Most Toys (3.22)

After getting kidnapped to be a trophy, Data utilizes passive resistance to try to foil his captor. But things change when his captor murders one of his associates in cold blood. Data then has to decide whether or not ending his captor’s life (who is not threatening his life in any way) would fit into his programming. More great character development for him.


17. History Never Forgets the Name Enterprise

Episode: Yesterday’s Enterprise (3.15)

While the whole episode has a lot of little fantastic moments, the climax is my favorite, where Picard leads the crew into certain death in the faint hope that saving the Enterprise-C will make life better for the entire Federation. He also gets to drop a few one-liners as well. It’s too bad we missed out on Wesley’s decapitation (due to budget issues); otherwise, this would probably rank higher.

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