Best Moments of TNG: 16, 15

16. Psychotic Riker

Episode: Parallels (7.11)

This whole episode is filled with little great moments as Worf jumps from one reality to another. My favorite moment, though, has to be when they encounter a reality where things are going so badly for the Federation, that Riker himself has lost all his values and is willing to more or less destroy the universe to escape death. Plus, the beard!


15. Picard Negotiates With the Sheliak

Episode: The Ensigns of Command (3.02)

While there are some solid moments with Data and the inhabitants of the planet the Sheliac intend to take over, they are partly ruined by the obvious overdubbing of the primary guest actor. Thankfully, Picard’s negotiation with the Sheliak is the episode’s high point, as he not only brings out the can of diplomatic whoop-ass, he rubs their faces in it, too.

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