85. The O.C.

Creator: Josh Schwartz
Years: 2003-2007

Somehow I got caught up in this soap during the first season. I’d like to say I watched it for a season and a half because it was fresh and original, but nah, it’s trash. I watched it because I had a man-crush on Benjamin McKenzie. And Adam Brody’s character was fun. Yay Chrismakah!


4 thoughts on “85. The O.C.”

  1. I will admit that, while I never watched this show religiously, I was one of the people who loved the music on it. I found a lot of good bands on the soundtrack (including being reintroduced to Viva Voce).

  2. I never watched a minute of this show. I remember two things:

    1) This show was an absolute ratings giant, and we sold TONS of copies of the DVDs. Then, just as quickly, it faded and died. I couldn’t believe it lasted only four seasons.

    2) There was a commercial that touted The OC as “The most original hour on television,” and they accompanied it with two clips. One was two characters recreating the upside-down kissing scene from the Tobey Maguire Spider-Man. The other was a character quoting a line from a famous movie. It didn’t seem like the commercial was self-aware.

    1. Heh. Yeah, I was also surprised to find out this only lasted four seasons. Whoever heard of a soap opera lasting just four seasons? MIscha Barton left the show, but there’s no way that had anything to do with it. Characters can be switched in and out in shows like this.

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