84. The John Laroquette Show

Creator: Don Reo
Years: 1993-1996

As a dark comedy in the first season the show was funny enough to keep me going. As a light-hearted, dumb comedy thereon after, it became difficult to watch like most situational comedies.

No doubt playing off his Night Court success, Laroquette plays a night shift manager of a bus depot. As indicated by the title card, he’s a terrible drunk and a lot of the jokes revolve around his attempts at sobriety. Laroquette is pretty decent, but the supporting cast is barely that.

One thought on “84. The John Laroquette Show”

  1. In these days, executives were so much more spineless. Any show with an interesting hook would have that hook killed for the second season and beyond if it wasn’t a ratings beast. “I’ve got it,” says Executive Johnny Normal. “Let’s make it like every other popular sitcom.” Ugh.

    You missed an “R” in his last name. I don’t blame you – that name is a mess.

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