83. Something Wilder


Creator: Lee Kelcheim and Barnet Kellman
Years: 1994-1995

I’m sure the main reason why I know this exists is because it was on after Friends and before Seinfeld. I love Gene Wilder, so I gave it a shot. And I liked it well enough. Wilder is charming. I remember being super disappointed that it was canceled. But looking back on it, I can’t say why I liked it. So it goes here.

2 thoughts on “83. Something Wilder”

  1. After Friends, before Seinfeld? Talk about the mother of all sweet programming slots.

    II had somehow never heard of this show.

    1. Same here, and I love Gene Wilder.

      He was just never the same after Gilda died. He just completely disappeared into his grief.

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