72. Everybody Loves Raymond

Creator: Philip Rosenthal
Years: 1996-2005

Another wildly popular sitcom (with fans and critics) that really doesn’t do much for me. It’s just your same old “dude doesn’t like responsibility and wife loves him anyway” sitcom trope. While I’m glad they don’t focus on the children too much (as children acting rarely adds to a comedy), their general absence along with Ray’s self-absorbed, whiny personality really makes it hard to like this show.

That said, the supporting cast is pretty good. I love Peter Boyle, and he produced most of the laughs I’ve had while watching.

4 thoughts on “72. Everybody Loves Raymond”

  1. The dad is good, but this might well be a bottom five show for me. It’s like Home Improvement, but you hate everyone even more, and while since might like the crime comedy factor, I can find way better sources of cringe comedy.

    I hate this show so, so much.

  2. I was so glad to hear that I am not the only one who doesn’t love “Everybody Loves Raymond!” I didn’t watch that many episodes of it, but the ones I did watch, I failed to see why it was such a popular show. I can’t remember laughing at any of it, thus why I didn’t watch more than a few episodes. So, I can’t fathom why it ran so long and won so many awards. Or maybe I can fathom it, as it seems the shows I love and are worthy of running for years die out in a year or two, while the crap shows keep coming back season after season. Well, of course M*A*S*H is one exception worthy of its long run!

  3. Eh, this was fine. Romano isn’t much of an actor, but the rest of the cast was strong, so they rose above the ordinary plot to become a bit more. I certainly wasn’t a regular viewer, but I wasn’t shocked that it was popular.

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