8. Futurama

Creator: Matt Groening
Years: 1999-2003, 2008-2013

Good news everyone!

The creator of Simpsons somehow had more ideas in his head and created another show with a similar brand of humor. I found it more consistently funny and more dramatic as well. Many people identify Jurassic Bark as one of the few moments on TV that made them genuinely cry and there are other great dramatic moments with the character Kif.

The show does a great job at reeling you in with the easily accessibly humor of the perpetually drunk robot Bender but develops every character and works on larger jokes that take entire episodes to set up. Roswell That Ends Well is an all-time favorite. Also, any episode that has Zapp Brannigan is probably good. He was going to be voiced by Phil Hartman (FUCK!), but the amazingly versatile Billy West took on yet another voice and nailed it, imitating Hartman’s voice the best he could. The inept surgeon crab Zoidberg is a great supporting character (and isn’t so great when he’s featured), and I’ll never forget the line “And I’m his friend Jesus!”

Four movies were made during the 5 year hiatus after leaving Fox. They’re okay, some better than others, but all seem to run a little long. I admittedly haven’t seen all of the episodes from the past couple seasons.

3 thoughts on “8. Futurama”

  1. Jurassic Bark was devastating, but Luck of the Fryrish was pretty powerful as well, and The Devil’s Hands Are Idle Playthings.

    Anyway, yeah, this is a top five show for me for sure, maybe top 3. I bought up all the original seasons on DVD and watched them at work when I was just a software tester. I still watch it once in awhile as well since the humor holds up really well. The commentary tracks on the DVD’s are really entertaining, even when they go silent for short periods because they’re getting wrapped up in their own show. Made it feel truly like a labor of love.

    1. I’m also incapable of seeing the part in Frozen where the king comes through the door and says “This is getting out of hand” without picturing him as Calculon.

  2. The recent episodes are as good or better than the originals. There’s a little less whimsy, perhaps, but the show still has a lot to say (probably more, even) and there are still a decent amount of laughs.

    I’ll pile on for “Luck of the Fryrish.” I didn’t see that twist coming, but I should have, and it was aces.

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