12. The Forsaken (1.17)

Synopsis: An alien computer program wreaks havoc with the station’s systems during a visit from Lwaxana Troi and other ambassadors.

Memory Alpha SummaryAlmost makes up for “Cost of Living”

Review: When I first saw this episode, I was terrified that Lwaxana Troi was back. But holy hell, her character can work if written correctly. Her time with Odo on the turbolift is fantastic TV. We learn a great deal about Odo’s personality, and for the first time, see him in a weak moment. And, for the first time, we see Lwaxana in a moment of strength, proving why she may have had the skills to become an ambassador despite her general obnoxiousness. 

More than that, we have a fantastic sci-fi concept with a child technological life-form taking over the ship’s computer because it’s apparently missing its parents and is desperate for attention. Colm Meaney is such a wonderful actor; we actually believe he has a relationship with the computer, much like Geordi but without disturbing romantic overtones.

Obligatory: I get a little tired of seemingly all Federation ambassadors being nosy, self-entitled jerks, which necessitates some forced conflict. 

You can tell the cast is beginning to gel and understand their characters better, and it’s about this time when I began getting excited about this series.

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