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16 Ways to Kill A Vampire at McDonalds

Author: Abigail Corfman
Year: 2016
Development System: Twine (browser)
Cruelty Rating: Merciful (there is no way to die or get stuck)
Length Of Play: 5-10 minutes per playthrough

My Rating: 9

Awards: Best Puzzles — 2016 XYZZY Awards

The first Twine game I played was a fantastic introduction to the system. About twenty years ago I played Will the Real Marjorie Hopkirk Please Stand Up?, a game about trying to find 100 ways to kill 100 clones. I was enthralled by the premise and disappointed it was a demo with only five solutions. So I was thrilled to finally get to play something similar that was less intimidating and more lighthearted.

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