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Taco Fiction

Author: Ryan Veeder
Year: 2011
Development System: Inform
Cruelty Rating: Polite
Length of Play: 2 Hours

My Rating: 7

Taco Fiction has one of the more intriguing openers I’ve ever played. You are a petty thief in need of some cash, and the opening prompt gives you specific directions on how you’re going to rob the taco joint next door. If the protagonist were the violent sort this could be off-putting, but the game lets you know he has no interest in hurting anyone.

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Author: Daniel Ravipinto
Year: 1996
Development System: Inform
Cruelty Rating: Merciful
Length of Play: 2 hours

My Rating: 5

Awards: Best Story — 1996 XYZZY Awards

Tapestry was one of those games that was pretty revolutionary when it was released. Replaying parts of one’s life wasn’t a new concept by any means, but the storytelling device was ripe for the interactive-fiction treatment. As such it wooed me at the time, but replaying it all these years later I mostly just see the flaws.

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